Contact / Our Team

We are..

Gail SE -Editor and Stuff

As well as putting all the contributions from this brilliant team together, Gail is responsible for the design, print ready layout, grassroots festival and musicians features, the website and the concept. Contact her at

Dave Milligan -MixCDs

With a rich history in music and sound, his own radio show and a very diverse taste, Dave, one of SE’s sound engineers, will be selecting the tracks to go out on our free MixCD with each issue. If you have a song you’d like to have included, email him a download link (WAV format please) to

Catherine Prescott -Reviews

Usually found writing for Festival Kidz, Catherine will be reviewing new grassroots music releases. If you’d like her to get her ears around your work, email a downloadable link to

Rob Hurst -Singles Reviews

Rob is always happy to chat about music and discover new things! Has been running the In The Poppy Fields blog page since 2012 and will be reviewing single releases. Send your download links to

Kate Etheridge -3 Courses in a Van

Kate, an SE regular, is no stranger to cooking in a van, so we’ve challenged her to come up with 3 course vegan/GF meal recipes that are possible to create in a small space with limited tools. Of course, if you’re so inclined, you can adapt them.

Dave’s Music Shed..

..recommends. Dave Vagrant, or Techno Hippy the SE sound engineer to us, runs his own radio show featuring loads of new grassroots music, and all from his shed. He’ll be telling us what we should be checking out that we’d probably never have heard of otherwise.

Daniel Watson -Politics in Music

Dan has a furious knowledge of both politics and music. His considered thought is compelling, and he’s also a musician, so will take us into the crossover.

Brian Stone -Wildlife

Brian, as well as being a great musician on our scene, and a long serving SE crew member, has a penchant for, and a great knowledge of, wildlife. He runs his own blog, and when he’s not performing and writing, you’ll usually find him out ‘twitching’. He’ll be sharing some of his knowledge with us.

Tessa Jane -Environment

Tess is no stranger to environmental issues and campaigns, and also provides the power for Something Else events, as well as an array of others, with her partner Dougal and their ReSource Living Solar fire Engine. She’ll be greening us right up!

Ren Stedman -Festy Cartoons

Ren isn’t just a great musician and SE crew member, but a superb artist, too. He’ll be adorning our pages with his festival comic strips, that will probably be a little weird, and might feature hash browns and possibly you, too.

Christine Keating -Photos

Christine is a brilliant photographer, and also often seen with machinery attached to her face at various places, and is one of the two official photographers at Something Else events. Lots of her pictures will be featured in our pages.

Beardy Keef -Agony Ankle

Seen for many years donning his ukulele for the world famous SE uke jams, Beardy Keef’s here to make life a little brighter. His ankle probably isn’t as painful as his hip, but that would be a rubbish play on words. Send him your problems – the more ridiculous the better. You can write your woes to him at

Callum Weston -Reviews

Callum is a musician and SE regular with a keen ear and a diverse taste in music. They’ll also be reviewing for us. If you’d to be considered for their thoughts in print, give them a shout with a downloadable link to

Andrew Moreton -Reviews

As well as being on the SE build crew, Andrew is one of the most passionate music lovers we know. He has a penchant for beautiful music cocktailed with thought provoking lyrics. Hit his ears with a downloadable link at

Anne Garage -Memories

Anne Grange is a published author with books already under her belt that feature The Something Else Tea Tent. She’d like to hear your amusing and heartswelling memories of being in fields with us. Keep it legal!

The Peaches -Homebrews Reviews

Lots of you will be familiar with Good King Ron and TPPQB, not least SE’s gin competitions. We’ve asked them to review your home brew concoctions, seeing as so many of us have been subjected to Rons. Got something tasty brewing? Get in touch at

Laura Taylor -Resident Poet

Laura Taylor is an incredible spoken word writer and performer, and regularly adorns our stages as well as running our poetry workshops. If you’re not familiar with her work, then you should be. She’ll be gracing our pages with some of her own work, as well as that of her handpicked guest grassroots poets.

Dave Seed -Resident Artist

Dave, another SE regular, is a seriously talented working artist, and has a solid appreciation of others’ work. He’ll be sharing some of his own work, as well as featuring other independent artists.

Trotsky -Quiz/Bit of a Rant

Lord Trotsky is usually found singing, washboarding or looking after the SE merch stall. If you’re in our Something Else Campfire group on Facebook, you will be familiar with his daily lockdown quizzes. You may also be familiar with his rants. If not, enjoy – on both counts.

Claire Moon -Grow Your Own

Claire is an environmentally savvy gardener when she’s not running her stall at festivals, including ours, or playing in her wonderful band. She’ll be bringing us tales and tips from her allotment.

Nansy Ferrett -Twat Cat

Nansy has been a regular on our stages in various bands, She’s known as Monster Nip in the grassroots art world, and has a renowned, brilliant series of paintings called Twat Cat. Each issue will feature a new one.

Clegg -Festival Poo Haiku

Clegg needs little introduction, and if he does, you only need to meet him once to know what we mean. He writes brilliant Poo Haiku. That is all.

Pete Connor -Photos

Officially Pete can often be seen in the main stage pits at festivals all over the country, as well as in the little venues and at Something Else events, with a big lens sticking out of his face. He takes brilliant photos, and will be contributing plenty of them.